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U.S. Elections: Will the Dead Vote and Voting Machines be Hacked?



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Marketing Ethics, American Apparel & Hurricane Sandy


November 4, 2012;   by Posted in Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Mixed Digital

American Apparel sent the advertisement below via e-mail to its subscribers on Monday, October 29, as Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states of the USA. The clothing retailer was subsequently attacked via social media sites and blogs, with individuals expressing disdain for the company.

Bloomberg Businessweek interviewed American Apparel CEO Dov Charney within two days of the ad’s release. “We don’t think it was offensive,” Charney said regarding the e-mail. “We’re sorry if others thought it was.” He went on to say, “We weren’t out to offend anyone. Our heart is in the right place. It wasn’t that serious.”

Whether or not their intentions were pure or not is inconsequential at this point. The ad was sent, no apologies were offered, and some people were offended. What is not clear, however, is the effect—if any—the ad will have on the way marketplace ethics are viewed.

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China can learn from India's blackout, says daily

Thu, 02 Aug 2012 09:04:09 GMT | By IANS

Beijing: China can use the blackout in India to reflect on its own problems since it is also facing a developing bottleneck, said a state-run Chinese daily which added that the outage "actually reflects the overall level of India's development".

An editorial in Global Times Wednesday said that a large-scale power failure this week has affected half the population in India.

"The most serious blackout in human history was not caused by any one factor, but actually reflects the overall level of India's development. Other developing countries, including China, can use the incident to reflect on their own problems," it said.

India was hit by a massive power failure Tuesday, bigger than the blackout a day earlier, that crippled train, Metro and road-transport services and left half the country's 1.2 billion population without electricity for many hours.

Global Times said that electricity powers a country's modernisation.


The power of learning

WellStar’s education programs help employees advance

In finding more ways to help employees meet academic and career goals, WellStar Health System is putting real strength into the idea of lifelong learning.

Bethany Robertson, executive director of organizational learning at WellStar, credits top leaders with understanding that learning and development play an important role in achieving strategic organizational initiatives. WellStar’s innovative education programs help retain top talent, prepare future leaders and keep their system on the cutting edge of health care.

Michelle Kimrey, patient liaison for the cardiac catheterization lab at WellStar Kennestone Hospital, is one of those future leaders. When Kimrey first heard about the new role of clinical nurse leader (CNL), she knew it was right for her.

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70% say continuous learning is key to growth

United Arab Emirates: Thursday, August 16 - 2012

New research reveals that more than 70% of business executives believe that continuous learning and development is key to career and business growth, according to Alan Harpham, Chairman, APMG-International, a global examination institute.

Harpham was citing recent research from UK's Henley Business School. "Across our worldwide network, we see leaders who are searching for answers to sustaining growth as they tackle the challenges of the on-going economic variables that have fast become the norm." 

He said professional learning is a key ingredient to being 'change-ready', stressing that organisations and individuals have a joint responsibility for continuous systems enhancement and business-relevant education.

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Winners and losers in Apple-Samsung Case

Tristan Louis, | Aug. 25, 2012

The news that an American jury returned what appears like a decisive victory to US-based company Apple against its Korean rival, Samsung, comes with little surprise. However, it comes with a number of winners and losers that go far beyond the two companies. Today, both Apple and Samsung probably changed their facebook relationship status to “it’s complicated.”

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